Through an interdisciplinary approach, I use abstract and figurative imagery to illuminate the bittersweet conditions of caregiving along with the duality of desperately loving another person during a time of global turmoil. The way in which caregiving and relationships are simultaneously regarded as both commonplace and clandestine fascinates me. They are concurrently elevated and degraded in mainstream society and frowned upon as subject matter in the art world. Still, the facial expressions, details and patterns in my work are inspired by the poignant emotions shared between family members, the often-disregarded health issues of women, and objects of lineage and domesticity. Grandma’s scarves and decorative rugs merge with darling baby and scared caregiver figures in an absurd representation of home and a rapidly declining climate-scape. Although the dazzling glitter, intense chroma and charming figures appear inviting, they also function as a protest or offering, attempting to save the world through a matriarchal revolution.