My work abstractly illuminates what many women and caregivers experience but are not encouraged to discuss. I combine the bittersweet emotions between babies and mothers, the gore of violation, tumors and other health conditions, along with the innocuous patterns of Grandma’s scarves and decorative rugs. My paintings, drawings and sculptures are the result of much material heavy-handedness, layering and erasure, which has become my primary language as a progressive and first-time mother in the conservative Heartland. Personal and political issues conflate within my work and result in aggressive but candy-colored marks, and darling baby figures dwelling in bleeding domestic settings and scarred mommies. 
Using painting, installation, studio remnants, lint, medical tape, hot glue, glitter and more, my work is additionally informed by familial love, rejection and protection, cancer, the weather and pure joy. Often, through an aerial lens, I create abstract installations with glitter that represent the atmospheric level of the weather, the cellular level of tumors within the body and the ground level of my living room floor. The most recent severe storm cell, cancer cell, and the pattern on my area rug become equal; the layers compressed, in my pursuit to magnify and make sparkly this Earthly existence. The dazzling glitter and saturated spectrum are used as defense mechanisms and filters to withstand the crushing devastation of being alive and loving in a time of family separations at the border, irreversible climate change and a misogynistic and racist socio-political landscape.