Throughout art history “the storm” has been used as a metaphor for a myriad of emotional disorders and by sourcing weather radar imagery this tradition continues in my work. From anxiety and heartbreak to major depression and cancer, my radar installations have become a sparkly symbol of our shared human conditions.

Motivated by themes of mortality and meaning, reason and religion, these compositions also illustrate a fascination with weather, geology, and Christian and pagan ritual. In the absurd yet poignant work, bones morph into geodes and storm radar turns my mother into a zombie. Subjects and imagery that once had no connection, now rely on each other to become a new kind of hybrid being.
Both material and metaphorical imitation are central to the work. I often substitute a tawdry replica of a more highly esteemed and sacred material or subject. A plastic window cling is used instead of stained glass, glitter is used in place of jewels and gold leaf, and Karen Carpenter stands in for Jesus Christ. These imitations can function alternately as reverence and/or mockery. 
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